Wagon Tipplers

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Wagon Tipplers

Wagon Tipplers

Providing solutions for bulk material handling.

One of the oldest and most well-known producer of wagon tipplers, wagon capacity up to 200 tons

DTS Group division has specialty in designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the equipment of the loading, unloading and storage of bulk products including iron ore, pellets, direct reduced iron, coal, limestone, wood chips, potash, grain, fertilizer and other bulk materials.our premium product offering includes Wagon Tipplers, Positioners, Railcar Pushers, Crushers, Feeders, Conveyors etc.


  • Firm fixation of the car on platform by means of specially designed breaking gear
  • Automatic central lubrication system (ACLS)
  • Automatic control system for unloading complex (UCCS), which allows combining discharge end sub-assembly machines into a single complex

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